Passenger DocumentsPlease note that AFE requires a minimum of 5-7 days’ notice to schedule a mission.

Several documents are required to be filled out before your flight can be scheduled.

Medical Approval Form: to be completed by a physician verifying that the patient is ambulatory and it is safe to travel on a non-pressurized aircraft, and that it is necessary to travel this great distance.

Need Verification Form: to be completed by a third party able to attest to need of travel to and from appointment

Air Transport Waiver of Liability: All passengers must read and agree to the terms of the Waiver of Liability before arriving at the airport. Waiver of Liability must be signed at the airport before boarding plane by all passengers (the guardian of any minor child should sign on the child’s behalf); failure to sign will cancel the flight

Maximum Luggage Disclaimer: to be signed by all passengers agreeing to carry no more than 40 pounds total of combined luggage

Photo/ Media Release: optional, but encouraged. This form allows us to use any photos the pilots might take en route to help us “get the word out” about our mission. (We also encourage you to send us your own pics and to connect with us on Facebook!)

Paperwork Package