Angel Flight East News

Angels in All Aspects

I recently had the experience of being an AFE passenger for several trips. While the reason for me being an AFE passenger I would not readily “broadcast”, the honor and privilege I felt upon being offered AF services, and the recognition AFE deserves for all that they do register way above anything of positive fathom.

Although my medical condition is most minimal in relation to what other AFE passengers endure (as learned through other blog submissions posted), I received the same level of attention and respect as others despite my medical disability. This alone makes what AFE does that much more credible. But it doesn’t stop there. From my initial contact to AFE via e-mail, through the application/documents process, notice of acceptance, receiving dates and locations, and arranging pilots to departure days and return days and thereafter, AFE, in my opinion, possesses true, authentic human compassion – a characteristic not too easily or common to experience.

Whoever decided upon dubbing this wonderful group of people and their actions Angel Flight, they were “spot-on!” for they truly are angels in all aspects. They certainly prove that angels do exist and that they are here on earth among us.

Most respectfully submitted,