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Born a Hero

This week we are spotlighting one of our new partner organizations, Born a Hero!

Courtesy of Born a Hero

A letter from the founder:

My daughter Mariana Haydee Sommer has Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 1. After many surprises and unpleasant social encounters that my daughter faces on a regular basis, I knew in my heart that I had to do something. One day I stumbled on two simple but powerful phrases. I have heard of them before, but for some reason this time it was different. I took them very seriously. Perhaps it was because they presented themselves during some difficult times in my life. They were “use your gifts” and “just do it”. I can’t really explain why they affected me so much, except that I felt that God was working in me. I finally knew what my mission in life was, to fight for answers and bring awareness to make these children’s lives better.

On my birthday in January of 2016 I decided that I wanted to hold a big meeting on how to start this nonprofit with family and friends, instead of a party. My thought was, I know so many talented people that could bring something special and a different perspective to this meeting. This is a great opportunity to brainstorm and gather ideas for the nonprofit. Well, it was a very successful meeting and all the people there were so wonderful, big-hearted and helpful. We came out of the meeting with a great and energetic team of volunteers. From then on BORN A HERO has grown faster than we had ever imagined. We believe it was God’s plan.What I have learned is that confrontations are more effective if you are calm and speak without anger in your heart. Staying in silence means you are not doing anything to prevent something from reoccurring, it teaches nothing and closes the door for change to happen. The goal is that Born a Hero will confront the world with hope, courage, and love. Born a Hero is here to fight for change.

Carolina Sommer
Founder/CEO, Born A Hero