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Determined to Live

**Written by George’s daughter, Jennifer**

Approximately four years ago, my father was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer). It was surgically removed from his back and we were told everything was great.

However, later in 2018, he became sick and was treated multiple times for pneumonia and respiratory infections. Finally, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The melanoma had returned and grew into his lung.

He was told that melanoma was not curable and he was not a candidate for biopsy. Doctors estimated he would survive 6-12 months. He was determined to live.

He started going to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago in April 2019. Every four weeks he received chemotherapy and has been in remission since his third month of chemotherapy.

Times were difficult because of the fourteen hour drive from his home in West Virginia. He was exhausted. We heard of Angel Flight East and instantly things turned around. He enjoys the flights with the volunteers and always tells stories of each experience.

Angel Flight East has scheduled over 70 flights for my father. Without Angel Flight East’s services, volunteers, and compassion I may have lost him.

Eternally grateful,

Jennifer Abel