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**Written by AFE volunteer pilot, Charlie**

I received my pilot’s license in the summer of 1970.  I was home between semesters at Ohio State University and my Aunt Patty was taking flying lessons, in which I decided to tag along.

I then started a family of my own and went to work in the family business. I started doing volunteer flights in 2001 with an organization called Volunteer Pilots Association (VPA), which was based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Since 2001, I have flown for Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, Angel Flight CentralAngel Flight East, Lifeline Pilots, and Wings of Mercy Michigan. In all, I have flown 493 volunteer flights.

For me it’s the most addicting pleasure on earth helping the critically ill get to their treatments they so desperately need! As an added bonus I get to take in the sights of the beautiful Midwestern USA.

I really enjoy working with Angel Flight East as it has become a real pleasure talking to Dominic. I recently lost 40 pounds and now look like a Hollywood movie star hence my nickname “Hollywood”

Charlie aka Hollywood