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Thankful for AFE

Deb Wilson, with AFE pilot Wil

**Post written by AFE passenger, Deborah Wilson**

I am so thankful for Angel Flight East. Six years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I had surgery and chemotherapy locally. The pet scan showed I was cancer-free!

Then, four years later in 2017 it came back stage 4 in my sternum, ribs. lungs. and lymph nodes. My local cancer center said they had a few things they could try, but they would just make me comfortable. My husband and I decided to get a second opinion so we contacted Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia. They got us in the next week and I started treatment. Within six months they had me in remission! Then, two years later in February of 2019 the cancer came back full force. It moved to my brain, more lymph nodes, adrenal glands, and lower lymph nodes in my abdomen.

Until August 1st, CTCA paid for my flights from Rochester, NY to Philadelphia. I am now eligible for Medicare and they no longer can cover that. Since my cancer has moved to my brain, I can no longer drive and commercial flights are very expensive. I would have to have someone drive me, which takes five-hours and three days of treatments. I have treatment three weeks in a row and then one week off. This would be a hardship on all my friends and family. I was tempted to leave CTCA and come back to my local hospital for treatment, but my oncologist suggested Angel Flight East. I called and they provided a flight for me the next week! They flew me to my treatment and return me home. The pilots were very kind informative. It was a very enjoyable experience. I am so appreciative that I can continue my treatments at CTCA.


Deb Wilson