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They Are Literally Saving My Daughter’s Life’: Angel Flight East Helps Local Family Fly To Hospital For Treatments

A private pilot flew his plane from Butler to Pittsburgh to pick up a little girl and her mother. John Greco’s act of kindness Wednesday saved the family thousands of dollars at a time they had a lot of other things on their mind. Milana Zatolochenko is 12 years old and she already has had 26 surgeries.“Her stomach doesn’t move stuff through like it should,” Milana’s mother Maggie said. “She will aspirate her stomach contents into her lungs.”

Every six weeks, Milana flies to Massachusetts to undergo four days of treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital. “She’s in pain all the time,” Maggie said. Thanks to an organization called Angel Flight East, the plane, fuel and pilots don’t cost the family anything. “They are literally saving my daughter’s life,” Maggie said. “How do you thank someone for that.” “I think they are angels here on earth, actually,” Maggie added. “They are just kind, giving, beautiful souls.”

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