Angel Flight East News

They Gave Us Hope…

Hello we are Peter and Sharon Sams.

We have been married for three years. Peter was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic and liver cancer six months ago.  This was not something we had plans for in our marriage.  In one week we went from planning fishing trips, camping and things to do, to planning doctor appointments and chemo treatments.

We first went to our hometown cancer center for treatments. Well after our first chemo treatment, Peter ended up in the hospital for a week, due to him having too much chemo given to him.

Peter & Sharon, with AFE pilot Patrick

We went to Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago for help.  They gave us hope, but they are a seven hour drive away.

We are the common family. Peter is on disability and I work a full time job. This was a challenge for us. We had to figure out how to fit these trips into our budget. Time off work, gas money, etc, but we knew we had to do this. We prayed and prayed for answers. Prayers were answered when we heard about Angel Flight East. We were set up with amazing team of people and pilots and they are truly Angels helping us.

They take their time and pick us up and fly us to the hospital for treatments two, or three times a month.  Without them we would be struggling on how to get to the hospital.

The pilots Brad, Patrick, Don, John, Timothy, and others. They give of their time and planes to get us there, along with prayers and inspirational material to help us on our journey.  The team in the office gives 100% to make our trip with no stress on us.  We are truly blessed by this organization.  Peter is on his third round of chemo and has had improvements.

Thank you and God Bless You!
Peter and Sharon Sams