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We Love “Lisa’s Army”


We are back again with some Thursday inspiration! Today we are going to talk a bit about one of our favorite non-profit organizations: Lisa’s Army. For more information continue reading below and check visit their website.

“After being diagnosed at age 20, amidst her own battle with ovarian cancer, Lisa Loonstyn-Golden launched a crusade in the name of fighters everywhere. She believed that no one should fight alone, so, with the help of her family and friends, Lisa’s Army was formed. It is an organization dedicated to comforting men, women and children with cancer. The goal of Lisa’s Army is to make a difference in the world just like Lisa was able to accomplish in her short time with us”.

“Lisa’s Army supplies personalized Comfort Care Packages to individuals currently battling any type of cancer. The care packages are filled with an inspirational card, personal care items, an Apple iPad or BEATs Headphones, iTunes gift card, journals, pens and other items to make the patient’s treatment as comfortable as possible. This was the wish of Lisa who saw countless people in treatment with little support”.

Meet Oakley–an adorable recipient of a Lisa’s Army Comfort Care Package!

To fully illustrate the amazing impact that Lisa’s Army has made in the community, we would like to include a beautiful letter that can be found on their website. Thank you, Lisa’s Army for the positive change that you are making in the lives of fighters everywhere!

Dear Friends,

My wife, “K”, wanted me to email you, in her words, for your act of kindness toward her:

“Words cannot express how I felt when I opened the box from ‘Lisa’s Army.’  I am humbled by your generosity.  This has been a trying time and I know all of you have supported “D” in any way you can, and for that I am so appreciative.  I am lucky to have a wonderful husband, and we are blessed by him being surrounded with such wonderful and caring colleagues.  The items in the care package are very appreciated and will be put to good use.

Hopefully in about 6 months I’ll get the “all clear” and can meet you all at a celebratory Happy Hour!”

This is “D” again…first, I want to clarify that she actually wrote that she is lucky to have a wonderful husband, and I did not coax that from her in any way!

In all sincerity, your efforts were so moving to both “K” and me.  She is not a person to openly share her feelings, but I will tell you that you brought her to tears – good tears.  The kind of tears that you cry when someone lifts you up on a bad day.  The kind of tears you shed when people do something selfless and humanitarian for you that exceeds your every expectation.  The kind of tears produced by the feeling that there are people out there that are pulling for you that you hadn’t even contemplated.  You may or may not know how that feels, but let me assure you that it is a truly beautiful thing.  This difficult trial we are enduring was made better by you and my wish is that you will feel as good about it as you made us feel. 

There were many others who contributed to this wonderful act.  Could you please forward this sentiment to them so that they may know our appreciation?

 Thanks again,