Shirla Greco with AFE pilot David Angel Flight East requires all volunteer pilots to have the following:

  • Minimum private pilot certificate and 300 logged hours
  • IFR rating
  • Access to an airplane with at least 4 seats

Don’t have an IFR rating or 300 hours; not a problem!

Occasionally, VFR pilots have the opportunity to fly as co-pilots or mission assistants. Contact the AFE mission coordinator today for more information.

All contributions are tax deductible!

Charles and Mahbou

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Available Missions

Angel Flight East uses an online flight information system called VPOIDS, which is a website that enables you to view the most up-to-date list of available flights anytime, anywhere.  From there, you can request to fly a flight, either as a command pilot or co-pilot.  You can also sign up to receive periodic emails that list available flights.


Ivo Busko with Gina Lewis